C-TI Developers Company Ltd.(C-TI Dev.CO) was founded in 2006 and is a Bahamian Engineering Design Firm which offers complete Civil Engineering Services and focuses on Land Developments of all types found in The
Bahamas. This includes residential homes, subdivisions, commercial or small hotel
developments (condos, multifamily developments).

Our company’s policy has always been to make each project a priority. With regular meetings, communications and produced results, we keep our clients satisfied with the quality of work and the time frame within which it is produced. Check lists of drawing requirements have been generated to ensure that we work more efficiently from project to project. These lists identify the requirements of each development drawing set whether it be roads, drainage, water, sewer or electrical.


We have also found it very beneficial to work hand in hand with the contractors who are more familiar with the practical side of
any design. The design drawings would then undergo a process of a rigorous peer review by any of the company’s associates, to ensure the quality of the overall design. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a quality project in quality time